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The Studio, The Company, THE WORKS!

The REDdot Studio has 2 rooms – A Control / Recording room with a Vocal Booth and a separate Live Room.

The acoustic profile of the Control Room means that the monitoring is very accurate wherever you’re sitting, and an area where you will have hands on control over your music.

The Vocal Booth can comfortably take up to 2 people and is the perfect environment for vocalists, soloists or guitar and bass cabs.

It boasts excellent acoustic separation from the Control Room with complete visual contact.

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Studio & Recording

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At REDdot Studios we offer relaxed surroundings, friendly staff, great sound and great value for money.

Recording Systems
Motu 828 Firewire
M-Audio 1814 Firewire
Logic Pro 9
Cubase 5
Ableton Live
iMac Quad Core i7
Emagic Unitor 8

Mixing Desk
Midas Venice 32

Dynaudio Acoustics BM6As
Yamaha NS10s

TLA-VP 5051 Valve Compressor/EQ
Drawmer LX20 Stereo Compressor/Gate
Drawmer DL 221 Stereo Compressor
Klark Tecknik DN514 Quad Gates
Stereo Graphic EQ
Roland DEP5 FX
Alesis Quadraverb+
Alesis Microverb 3
Tascam DA-20 DAT Recorder

Instrument Outboard
Pod Pro XT & Floorboard
Bass Pod Pro XT
Sansamp Acoustic DI
Alesis DM5 Drum Module
Korg 05rW x2 Synths
Novation KSr Synth
Akai S3000XL Sampler & Library
EMU Proteus 2000 Synth
Midi Controller Keyboard

Amps & Speakers & Pedals
Marshall JMP-1 Valve Pre-Amp
Marshall 9001 Valve Pre-Amp
Marshall TLS 100 2x12 Valve Combo
Marshall 2x12 Stereo Cab
Marshall 4x12 Stereo Cab
Marshall EL 20+20 Valve Amp
Blackstar Stage HT60 2x12 Valve Combo
Fender Deluxe 90 DSP Combo
Ashdown MAG 300 1x15 Bass Combo
WEM Dominator 6 watt Vintage Amp
HiWatt 100 Watt Head
Various Boss & Guitar Pedals
Boss GT8
Blackstar HT Dual

Novation KS5 Synth
Roland TD9 Electronic Drum Kit
Yamaha RX21 Drum Machine
Yamaha DX100 Synth
Roland EP75 76 Note Digital Piano
Gibson LP 1979
Fender Stratocaster 1988
Yamaha SG2000 1980
Fender Jazz Bass Fretted/Frettless
Aria Pro Bass Active 5 String
Martin 00016C-GTE Acoustic
Takemine EN10c Acoustic
Baldwin-Burns Electric 12 String Semi 1960s

All Standard Logic Plug-ins & Instruments
Abbey Road Complete
Sonnox Elite Collection
TC-M30 Reverb
Antares Auto Tune EVO
Crysonics Spectra'phy
Toontrack Ezmix
Native Instruments Battery 3
Native Instruments Reaktor
Native Instruments Guitar Rig
Novation V-Station
Novation Bass Station
G Force imposcar
Linplug Alpha
Linplug Octopus
Rob Palpen Predator
Spectrasonics Stylus RMX
Propellerhead ReCycle
Propellerhead ReBirth
Propellerhead Reason
Toontrack Beatstation
Toontrack EZ Drummer
Toontrack Superior Drummer
Toontrack Expansion Packs

Rode K2 Valve Condenser
Rode NT3 Condenser x2
AKG C1000s Condenser
AKG C3000 Cardioid Condenser
Shure SM58 x4
Shure Beta 58
Sure Beta 52A
Sure SM57

4 Independent Headphone mixes
Beyer Dynamic DT 100 x4
Beyer Dynamic DT 231 x2

At REDdot Music, we can assist you with any aspect of your recording needs. Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can be of service to you.

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